September 28, 2007

Dance Yo Mess Off

ezen a héten háromórásra nyúlt ismét a mss
Pedro ugyanis Gödörben jáccik
(én pedig a Vajdahunyadvárától érkeztem a fényfestés megnyitóról
szóval ilyesmi zenék voltak a zsákomban)
Art of Noise - Eye of a Needle
Curtis Mayfield - Right On for the Darkness
Eddie Drennon and the BBS Orchestra - Do What You Gotta Do
Sylvers - Freestyle
Booker T - Midnight Cowboy
Le Group 2002 - Transfer X
Kid Loco Unbouquet de cerises
Labelle - Right / The Revolution will not be Televised
James Brown - Reality
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Maximum Stimulation
Salsoul Orchestra - Get Away
Delicious Allstars - Poker Nights
Shaft in Africa
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Danny Krivit Re-edit)
Kormac - Rainstorm
Mr Blennd - King of Sex and Dr Rock and Roll
Get Soul Power Right
Janet Dubois - Queen of the Highgway
Roy Ayers - Fever
Ullama - Want Ads
Dance a Little Bit Closer
Marta Acunas - Dance Dance Dance
Crown Heights Affair - Dancin'
Jimmy Caston Bunch - It's Just Begun (85 mix)
Art of Noise feat Eddie Duane - Peter Gunn
Impulse - Rhibosome (Flow Dynamics Remix)
Smoove feat - Coming Back
Casbah 73 - Cabo Verde Strut
Feature Cast- Soul Flower
Mooncakes -
Double Trouble- People are Changin
Tangoterje - I Wanna Dance
The Bar-Kays - Bang Bang Stick em Up
UB's - Rock Me
Rafael Cameron - Boogie's Gonna Get Ya
Positive Flow - Come Fly with Me
7 Samurai - Muzic (Panoptikum Remix)
Herbert - Curlin a Few

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September 21, 2007

babble in me booze

ma helycseréltünk pedroval
ez a müsor 23-0 óra között zajlott:

wilson pickett- Take a Closer Look at the Woman you're with
gloria gaynor - i said yes
glady's knight and the pips - gotto use my imagination
Mandrill - Disco Lypso
South Bronx Community Project - Dance Freak
Chain Reaction - Dance Freak
Barbara Joyce - Do It Till You're Satisfied
(a BT Express vokalistájaként)
Quincy Jones - Razzmatazz
donna summer top of the world
PTA - smiling
Lakasha - In Love with U
ella fitzerald - pebble in my shoes
slim gaiillard cement mixer (g-swing mix)
bomb 3 - Mama's Boots
The Dynamic Sounds - Whole Lotta Love

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September 14, 2007

Everyboday Feelin Free

nina simone - the way i love you
al green - free at last
martin luther king I have a dream outro (azaz Free at Last)
fabulettes - muddy waters
harold melvin and the bluebells - Wake Up Everybody
sweet inspirations - Face to Face
dramatics - you are fooling you
Bar-Kays - Too Hot to Stop
The Herbaliser - Geddim
Kidkanevil - Kramium Rock (Diesler Remix)
Elizabeth Sheperd Trio - Reversed (Gilles Peterson BBC Radio 1 Live session Mix)
Nicole Willis - Holdin On
Florence Miller - The Groove I'm In
Chris Joss - A Part in that Show
Mooncakes - Feelin Free
The Society - Sweeping Tom

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September 07, 2007

Bloose Bloogie ta ta ta

Elizabeth Sheperd Trio - Start to Move (Natural Self Remix)
Justis - Jazz Music (Street)
Jazzliberatorz - What's Next
Kinkina - Jungle Fever
Bar-Kays - Cozy
Ramsey Lewis - Wear It Out
isley brothers - Listen to the music
Chicago Gangsters - Gangster Boogie
Feature Cast - Avenue Rock
El Jay - Bust in da House
Chuck Brown - Bustin Loose
Leon Mitchison and the Eastex Freeway Band - What Cha Need
Mellow Madness - Save the youth (Kenny Dope Mix)
Free the Robots - Jazzhole

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